18 November 2013


Hi again!

So its been a month since my last post and I have to say I am quite a bit further forward with the sewing idea, instead of repairing my grans old machine I got a new one which is fantastic! I have also decided that my first project is going to be a blanket for a friends little girl, but its a surprise so I wont go into to much detail!! I have got all my needles and thread and material so its just when I can get time to make a start on it!

Over the past month life has to be honest got the better of me a little, my mood has been really low and despite putting on a brave face for people at college i have been finding things really difficult. I have been struggling with coursework, not so much finding it difficult but not having motivation to do it. Also hubby and I have decided to stop trying to conceive, we  have been trying for about 2 years and due to complications will have to have IVF or treatment along those lines. Quite frankly right now I can't handle it so we are going to wait a while and then re-visit it when we hopefully have money to go private. So my whole rockabilly conquest has been difficult to stay on top of with all of that going on!

I have however decided to change my hair colour again haha!! I don't know what to but I am thinking Auburn....I am afraid of the ginger possibility with that though, so maybe stick to my purple for now who knows I might just randomly pick a colour and go with it!!! With all of this and Christmas around the corner its hard to stay focused on one thing, hubby's birthday is 5 days after Christmas so its busy busy busy from here on out! I will keep you updated with what is going on and I will definitely have my head out of the oven by my next post :)

Hope you are well and thanks for reading :) x

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