01 December 2014

Glasgow Alternative & Burlesque fair!

Hey! How have you been? I have been a little under the weather and studying a lot which has been an absolute joy....not! I have been getting very easily distracted these days it is very hard for me at the moment to keep my focus on one thing which is becoming a problem, especially in classes when I zone out and miss half the class....it makes studying that little bit more challenging haha. I think it has to do with how close Christmas is, well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I have so many recipes in my head I want to try and presents I want to buy people and of course the all important Christmas card list....who has been struck off in the course of the year (just kidding of course)!! Anyway before we get talking about the festive period there is the Alternative & Burlesque fair I went to with Hubby, here are all the details!!!

Glasgow’s Alternative & Burlesque Fair was on 8th November at Glasgow University’s Queen Margaret Union. I went along with Hubby and we had a great time, there were loads of stalls selling everything from Soap and Harry Potter jewellery to Handcuffs, Whips and Adult toys! We had a little look around and there was one stall however that I just couldn’t seem to get enough of so Hubby kindly bought me a Deathly Hallows necklace from the lovely woman who put up with me going through everything she had about 3 times.

So many stall to buy from!!!
Something I really liked was that some of the people who were there selling dresses, tops and coats amongst other things had a service where if you couldn’t find the size you were looking for they would measure you up there and then and make the item to measure for you. I am usually between sizes so find it hard to get a dress that fits well on top and bottom so this was fabulous and I would definitely consider taking a bit more money with me next time to buy from them!

Now for the entertainment there were entertainers galore! The compare was excellent and had an amazing voice and was great at getting the crowd gathered round to see who was coming to take the stage, there were aerial pole dancers and burlesque acts the one I enjoyed the most was the headline act Hettie Heartache. Hettie is an Edinburgh based burlesque act who is really puts on a show, it was the first time I had seen a burlesque performance live and it was pretty much how I expected it complete with the confetti cannon to finish it all off! Everyone who performed on the day did themselves extremely proud but for me Hettie stole the show!!
One of the amazing pole dancers from the day
Hettie Heartache doing her thing!

The next Alternative & Burlesque Fair is in Feburary and I am really excited about it, I will definitely be taking more money with me and camping out for the full day to shop and enjoy all the festivities. Alongside all of the stalls selling things and the wonderful entertainment there was a bar and places to get some food as well as a cloak room to put your jacket, which was useful considering it was a typical Glasgow day...started sunny and then the heavens opened and it rained for the rest of the day! After all of that fun and excitement Hubby and I came home I changed into my comfy pj’s and we watched Mr Nice and ate pizza it was the perfect ending to a lovely day, the only thing that would have made it complete was if the dogs had learned to use the loo so I didn’t have to run back out in the rain with them....alas we can but dream haha!

 All of the pictures in this post have been sourced from the event's Facebook page....I am hoping Santa brings a new camera so I don't have to keep using other peoples pictures!!!

 Thanks for reading hope you are well :)