17 October 2013


Hi!! Ok so here's a quick up date since my last post I got my hair cut and coloured it is fab! I got my Betty Bangs cut in and the colour is now a lovely purple I will post pics soon! As usual though I am itching to change the colour...I'm thinking auburn as I am very pale skinned it might actually look good I am afraid of it fading to ginger that's a look that I think only a select few can pull off and I'm not one! I also got a bag it was the first time I had ever bid on something on eBay and I won....you have no idea how happy I was! It is being delivered on Saturday so again pics to follow :) and I promise promise promise to put them on ASAP!!! 

I do have to apologise for the time I have taken to post again...I misjudged the amount of time that would be taken up with the new Grand Theft Auto!! So apart from playing that I have been looking at getting back into sewing...proving my Dad right when he encouraged me to learn from my Gran and Uncle that 'when you are a student and have no money for clothes you will go back to your machine!' Well that's exactly what I am doing. I got out the sewing machine that my Gran had given me years and years ago but it needs a bit of work to get up and running again so for the time being it looks like it will be easier to buy a second hand machine from gumtree somewhere and slowly get bits and pieces for the old one to have it back in working order again. So my hunt for a sewing machine is on I get my student loan at the start of next month and have already decided with hubby that I can spend about £30-£40 on a machine and a little on some cheap fabric. I am so excited that I have been trawling the internet looking for any free plus size patterns I can get my hands on which is a very small number so I have also bought some brown paper to trace round clothes I all ready have to make my own patterns...just they way I was taught as a kid! It really is like riding a bike it never leaves you...just hope the same can be saId when it comes to sewing and I can still do a straight line! 

So that is all for now and as usual if you want to say hi just comment below! 

Hope you are well :)

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