26 September 2013

Fresh start

It has been a while since my last post and for that I am sorry! So let me ask you for another chance...a fresh start if you will. I hope you can agree to carry on regardless and join me on my journey to become a fab rockabilly chick.

So term has started again and so has all the pressures of college, the early mornings do not agree with me haha! I have found myself running out in the morning without makeup on and saying to myself it's ok do it when you get there....which dosnt happen! So I am falling at the first hurdle when it comes to keeping up appearances. This week however I have been putting in the effort doing my eyeliner flicks and lushous lips and I will be honest I have felt more myself and more confident. 

I went to get my hair cut and asked for 'Betty Bangs' I took pictures with me of what I wanted and I will be honest it was a disaster! Instead of the U shaped fringe we all know and love I ended up with an absolute monstrosity which has now just grown out...so I am putting myself through it again on Wednesday and this time I am not leaving until I get what I want haha!! I am also going to get a daring colour I haven't decided what yet so if you have ideas post them up I would love to hear from you! 

Another little project I have going on is trying to find a nice vintage bag that I can use for college to keep all my many bits and bobs in and I have to tell you I am struggling. I have seen some but they tend to be from the 1970s and that's not really what I'm looking for I want something that wouldn't look out of place in grease or mad men (I know they are several years apart but you get what I mean!). My search continues hopefully I will have something for my next post so fingers crossed! 

Hope you are well and thanks for reading!! :)

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