29 July 2013

What Is Uncovering Rockabilly?

Hi, This is my first ever blog post so if i'm not as refined as I could be please forgive me!! Ok so here goes....

Uncovering Rockabilly is a blog about my change from plain jane wallflower to awesome bright vintage rockabilly chick!

Why am I doing this??

Well when I was a teenager I would have been classed as your typical little dark gloomy goth girl, where as much as wearing black was the main goal of that style it was also about standing out from the 'norm' I wasn't afraid to dye my hair any colour or put on outlandish outfits because that was all part of the look my friends and me were going for! However in my 20's I seem to have lost all of my confidence and really took to the motto 'I dress for comfort'...despite always eyeing the fashion mags thinking that is pretty, wish I could fit into that (...between the ages of 21 and 25 I have ballooned from a UK size 12 to a 20/22...this is also being addressed!!!) or of I wish I had the guts to wear that!

I have always loved the 1950's Americana look and wished I could muster the courage to wear clothes inspired by that era so now is the time. I have just completed my first year back in education for a few years and with the confidence I have gained in doing that and meeting all the wonderful girls in my class I have decided its all change I am going to start wearing all the clothes I have admired from afar....the ones I can afford anyway haha!!! When I was little I always wanted to dress up and look like the girls from the 50's my Gran who was a seamstress made me a few swing skirts that I loved, I remember one particular summer I had one skirt that I wanted to wear everyday my mum had to wrestle me out of it! I felt like a little lady in it and just never wanted anything else!

Of course the Rockabilly scene isn't all just clothes it is the music as well and this is something I have had a passion for since I can remember. I used to listen to Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash and all the other classic country stars with my Gran anytime I visited her, with my Dad I listened to The Eagles all the time when we were in the car and so many other great artists like Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan too many to name!! My Mum who has an amazing knowledge of music from the 50's, 60's and 70's brought groups like The Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Little Richard and so so many amazing artists and songs into the mix for me. Although like any girl growing up in the 90's I had a boy band that I would give my right arm to meet and for me it was Boyzone! I moved from that to more modern rock as well as getting into 90's grunge and indie in the 00's and throughout I secretly listened to the huge variety of artists I had been introduced to as a kid. It is only recently that I have started really being honest about what music I love and through this I have uncovered a magical thing called Rockabilly!! I was blissfully unaware that this amazing sub-culture existed anywhere in the world! 

The second I laid eyes on the hourglass dresses on eBay I fell in love! the dresses are how I have dressed in my dreams since I was a kid and so my google hunt began! This is where I discovered I am a closet rockabilly girl and its time to come out of that dark corner, all I need now is the wardrobe I have the music sorted!

Now I am a 25 year old married student with three dogs so running out and buying everything I want is not really an option as my budget is beyond tight so I have been taking little steps to become the rockabilly chick I want to be so I bought a red bandanna, red lipstick and red nail polish so let see where it takes us!

Thanks so much for reading hope you are good :)

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