28 October 2014

Let the Music Play!

Hello! So in the last couple weeks since I posted I have been setting up social media for the blog which has been fun, Uncovering Rockabilly has a Facebook page and a Pinterest you can follow these by clicking the links! I have also been thinking about the direction of the page and have decided that each month I will find an event in Glasgow to go to and write about. I think this will be a fun way of meeting people who are part of the rockabilly, vintage and alternative world and show what Glasgow has to offer. I have found an Alternative and Burlesque Fair on 8th November at Glasgow University’s Queen Margaret Union which looks pretty cool; they have events all over the country so I can’t wait to see what they have in store for Glasgow. Judy’s Vintage fair are having a fair on 13th December that I will be going along to, Judy’s is a big company that have regular fairs in cities up and down the UK so that will be good to go to near Christmas and see what little extras I can pick up! I was really annoyed with myself at the end of September because I missed Judy’s last event in Glasgow because I mixed up the dates and didn’t realise until the day it was on!

In the spirit of writing about an event each month I went to see SOiL on Thursday at The Garage in Glasgow, I love live music and haven’t been to a gig in a while so this was a welcome treat. I was a massive fan of SOiL when I was younger so couldn’t pass up a chance to see them playing in my home city! I also couldn’t believe the number of old faces I seen walking around the place it felt a bit like a school reunion, I guess the alternative community in Glasgow is smaller than I thought haha! While we were waiting for SOiL to come on the drummer and lead from one of the support bands (hed)p.e. came out and kind of mingled with some of the crowd which was pretty cool. I also got my arm signed which in hindsight wasn’t my brightest moment...sharpie on your forearm doesn’t just wash off haha! 

We met this guy! (I would have used my own pics but they were way to blurry!!!)  

I have been having a really music focussed few weeks as well so I have starting listening to some new country/folk stuff on Spotify; they have a relatively new section for Folk & Americana which caught my attention straight away! I started on some of their playlists and have picked out little songs and artists that get stuck in my head...I am up to 2 new artists so far. I don’t know what it is about the really folksy stuff that really gets me I am really in love with it right now and it’s really comforting somehow. The 2 that I can’t seem to get enough of just now are; 

Hozier – A guy from Ireland who has just released his debut album and it is brilliant definitely worth a listen. My 2 favourite tracks are – ‘Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene’ and ‘Take Me To Church’

Image result for Hozier
Amazing Talent! His Album is simply called Hozier

Shakey Graves – A Texan and former actor, he has a really individual rough quality to his voice that just makes my ears prick up! His new album just came out this month as well and it is fantastic...I predict listening to it a few times repeatedly haha. My 2 favourite tracks are – ‘Dearly Departed’ (feat Esmé Patterson) and ‘Hard Wired’

Shakey Graves Album is called And The War Came
Anyway this has been a really long post so I will stop now! Remember to check out the Facebook page and Pinterest, give a like or a follow where appropriate! Enjoy the rest of the week hope you have a good one. 

Thanks for reading and hope you’re well!! :)

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